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Today, in the morning...
Me: Who is ready for Words for the Week?
Gabriel: (throw away his bike and Scream) ME! ME! ME! 
Both Gabriel n his elder sister quickly sat down waiting for their daily dose of Words & Story for the week.

Really love it that the kids are so happy to receive new info everyday and am really glad that Sparkanauts made it easier for me with the Parent Child Bonding Package that comes with each weeks' lesson. If we'd love Sparkanauts when it first started (when my older child 1st joined at 9 months old) in 2010, we love it even more now.The all rounded curriculum covers from physical to musical and of course the cognitive area. The support given by the staff is amazing! The support package sent to us every week to complement the lesson taught in that week is really SUPERB. We never looked back since and did not bother looking for other enrichment courses. 

For parents who are still in search to head start your child or are thinking of switching enrichmentclass, we strongly recommend Sparkanauts and are confident they will exceed your expectations.

Josephyn Yeo, mummy of Gabriel

My son's favorite enrichment class! He always so excited to go to Sparkanauts. Teachers are very nice and caring. They have high and positive energy. 1 hour class always pass so fast! The best thing is both me and hubby can join the class so its really a family bonding session for us :):)

Angeline Johan, mummy of  Brendon

Sparkanauts has help Gavin develop in a balanced way since he join the school at nine months old. 
Today, he reads in two languages, converse in four languages. Gavin is keen to learn, has a positive attitude and physically attune to learn any sports or games. He holds a red belt in Aikido and swims without any float. 

Gavin has eczema on his scalp and body since birth, he doesn't sleep well and is constantly scratching himself. He was swaddled and wore mittens till ten months old to prevent self inflict injury. Unknowingly, this has caused a serious delay in his milestones where he doesn't flip, crawl, sit or stand. 

Later on, at two, Gavin had to see a speech therapist for another delay. At three, he was the compere for his school concert. 
Thank you Sparkanauts for patience and guidance every step of the way. 
Gavin tells me he want to go to Sparkanauts everyday!

Eda Ho, mummy of Gavin

Both my husband and I are glad that we have made the right decision of putting C in Sparkanauts. She has been with them since she was 7 months old in year 2012. Every interaction I have had with her teachers has been positive. Her teachers genuinely care about the well-being of the babies and children under their care. They understood children well and were in tune with each child's personality. Most importantly, C really enjoyed her time there. She looks forward going to class even when she is not well. 

So, thank you, Sparkanauts! We couldn't have been happier with the care and program C has received so far =)
Keep up the good work!