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Bonding Activity 

Numbers, Art and Games

Are you having difficulties getting your child to recognize the shape of numerals, spelling numbers, or even understanding quantity?

Here is a suggested integrated activity (art, maths, language) for you to complete with your child at home! 

photo 2.JPG

In our classes this term, children in the various classes has been learning about their numbers through different concepts. 

To reinforce the learning, you can use this as a bonding activity at home.


3 big cubes* 
Acrylic Paint (6 Different Colours)
Small round stickers (Popular book store)

*We bought our wooden cubes from DAISO. If you are unable to find the cubes, you can print out the cube template from the attachment below and paste it on cardstock. 


Step 1: Paint the faces of the three cubes in different paint colours. Acrylic paint stuck on the best. 
(Suitable for 18 months onwards) 

photo 1-2.JPG
Note: Parents should be concerned with the process of painting (crossing of midline, bilateral co-ordination, finger painting, etc) when completing an art piece, It is not important for the blocks to be well painted. It is more important that the children complete the activity and we observe if the targeted skills are met.

Step 2: Leave it to dry.

photo 2-2.JPG

Step 3: Child - Led Play
(Suitable for 5 Months onwards)

photo 3.JPG
Encourage your child to play with the blocks in anyway that they would like to. Allow them to stack the blocks, line the blocks, sort them in different colours. Name the colours. Let their imagination take the lead! At this point, you can come up with more games as they take on the lead. 

Step 4: Dot Pasting

(Suitable for 5 Months onwards)

photo 2-3.JPGphoto 1-3.JPG

Encourage your child to use their index fingers and thumbs to paste the stickers down. This serves as a good pre-writing activity.

Choose only 1 of the blocks. On the different faces, paste different quantities of dots. We used the following quantities (one, two, four, five, six, and ten).

Step 5: Writing, Numerals, Sight Word And Spelling
(Suitable for 2.5 years onwards)

photo 4.JPG

Encourage your child to use a pencil to write the corresponding numbers on the different faces of the block. 

On another block, encourage your child to use a pencil to write the corresponding words on the different faces of the block. (if they are able to write, you could write it in pencil for them if they are unable)
Upon completion, give them a black marker to trace over it.

Here is what your completed blocks should look like:

photo 2-4.JPG
photo 1-4.JPG

Ways To Play

1) Block Stacking

Encourage your child to stack the blocks randomly. As they do so, label the dots, read the numerals or words as they pick them up. Stacking the blocks is a good fine motor and co-ordination skill. By about 18 months old, your child should be able to build a tower of three blocks without help.

2) Roll and Match
Take turns to roll one dice and find the 2 other corresponding. stack them and line them up.

3) Board Games
If you do play board games with your children, replace the dice with these home-made numeral/ dots and word dice to encourage them to read the words and recognise the shapes of numbers.

4) More Templates
We will be uploading more templates in the upcoming weeks for you to use in conjunction with the dice you have completed. Keep a lookout for updates on this space!

You can print this template to fold into a cube or use it as a tracing activity if it is more suitable for your child.

Home Based Resouce - Babies Cut, Paste Trace.pdf 

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