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Developing Your Child Through Purposeful Play

Starting ahead and having fun: Let children be children


The ancient Chinese practiced 抓周 – a method used to predict a toddler’s future career and prospects. An array of objects, each symbolizing a specific occupation, will be placed in plain sight of the child and the artifact he selects signifies his future career route. This custom is a reflection of parents’ hopes and aspirations for their newborns. But, why predict the child’s future when it is actually during their first six years in this world that shapes their subsequent development? Having a better grasp of your child’s future is much more possible through Sparkanauts unique programme than hoping that your child picks the right object.

The Sparkanauts curriculum is well known amongst most international parenting and early education communities. Using our methods, the young child is exposed to a combination of intellectual and physical activities that will help stimulate their brain development during the first six years of their lives. Through the stimulation of the brain, this method aims to help every child achieve intellectual, physical and social excellence. More importantly, the child will develop a love for learning and will embrace all forms of learning subsequently in life.

In Singapore, many parents have started embracing the concept of providing various forms of enrichment to aid the intellectual development of their child. However, a child’s development should extend beyond the classroom and into their homes. This is what  Sparkanauts strongly endorses. Sparkanauts not only set out to help parents like yourselves bring out the best in your child, more importantly, they strongly advocate that a child learns best in a fun and engaging manner through purposeful play.

Intellectual Stimulation

A child is constantly curious and can absorb much more information than we adults think they can. As such, it is highly beneficial to intellectually stimulate a child as early as birth. The secret lies in stimulating the child a fun and enjoyable way in order to build up the child’s love for learning. Sparkanauts adopts the method of designing word cards and encyclopedic cards, helping the little ones to be exposed to words, bits of information and facts around the world. This not only stimulates their brain but makes reading and learning a joyful experience as they begin to take an interest in discovering the world around them.


Physical Development

Physical development is another key factor in a child’s brain developmental process. Physical activities increase a child’s intake of oxygen which is vital for the development of the brain. It also helps in strengthening the child’s midbrain and visual pathways. Sparkanauts incorporate this need for physical development into its play activities, allowing the child to find pleasure and fun in carrying these activities.


A young child’s ability to learn and develop intellectual and physical competencies is beyond our imagination. Let us help them along this learning journey by continuously feeding their curiosity with factual information in a fun and enjoyable manner; while giving them plenty of opportunities to develop to their full potential. Through parental love and guidance, you can raise your children to become socially competent individuals who love reading, enjoy sports and crave for knowledge about the world around them.

So parents, engage in purposeful play with your child everyday and develop a close relationship with them!

Join us at Sparkanauts and learn more on how you can help your child develop intellectually and physically!