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Junior Pilot (1 year - 2 years)

At this age, your child begins to display a dramatic increase in their ability to absorb language concepts. Their brain's language sectors develop more synapses and become more interconnected. Their eyesight also improves, as they begin to recognise shapes and categorise objects through their characteristics. Your child is taking their first steps and is beginning to take control of their body as they take steps to explore their surroundings in an upright position.

Our Curriculum

  • Introduction to a wide range of adjectives and nouns, songs, rhymes and rhythms based on a theme on a weekly basis. Intellectual activities that inspire children to speak and communicate.
  • Scientific based physical activities to strengthen the vestibular system. A strong vestibular system will help a child to focus and pay attention.
  • Proven activities to strengthen child’s muscle tone and postural control abilities. A good control over posture and muscles frees the brain’s capacity to comprehend higher-order thinking activities. 
  • Physical activities that develops a child’s speech abilities.