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Explorer (3 years - 4 years)

Your child is now able to participate in class independently, and is beginning to develop a sense of laterality where the dominant side of the brain controls their activities. This allows your child's brain to perform more efficiently when processing information.

Our Explorer class targets your child's natural development of one side of the brain over the other, with activities that encourage vocalising thoughts and ideas with confidence. Children are also encouraged to explore coordination and postural control on their own.

Our Curriculum

    • Reading sentences based on a theme on a weekly basis. Intellectual activities are designed for children to share their thoughts and opinions confidently in a group. 
    • Sight word reading and spelling
    • Independence and excellence in balance, co-ordination and locomotion activities that stimulates and strengthens the brain pathways and postural control. 
    • Introduction to laterality activities 
    • Fine motor activities 
    • Introduction to math concepts