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Baby Cadet (6 months - 12 months)

At this age, your child's sight develops into full binocular vision, allowing them to begin to recognise human faces and develop stronger bonds with their main caregiver. The language circuits in your child's frontal and temporal lobes become consolidated in their first year. Rapid development of your child's motor skills and postural reflexes helps their cerebellum grow, tripling in size, helping your child to roll, sit, crawl, and creep.

What happens in class?

  • Introduction to a wide range of nouns and commonly used words based on a theme on a weekly basis. 
  • Scientific based physical activities that enhance the mastery of key milestones. The mastery of these skills is crucial in influencing future learning behavior.
  • Activities to strengthen the development of postural reflex. 
  • Play facilitators are trained to give feedback and customize programs to meet your child needs.