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The Science Behind It

Brain Stimulation

Our unique learning structure helps us to guide and nurture a child’s brain and body development the right way from an early age. At birth, the brain already contains all the neurons it will ever have, and in the first year alone it doubles in size, growing exponentially until the age of five. During this window of opportunity for growth, parental guidance, as well as positive and quality learning experiences, will greatly impact a child’s journey to achievement, success and happiness!
Intellectual Stimulation

Our classes not only incorporate elements of mental and physical stimulation, but also utilise these activities to impart fundamental knowledge and improve their language and arithmetic skills. Every child has a series of milestones while growing up, and taking their playtime seriously means that these milestones are met, perfected and their brains are able to achieve their fullest potential! 
Body strengthening
Our play programmes are specifically designed to be fun and engaging while strengthening and stabilizing your child’s body, paying close attention to areas that require more time and proper strategy. Developing gross and fine motor skills are not only important in enabling your child to perform basic daily functions such as dressing up or tying their own shoelaces; they also ensure that your child’s body and mind are in the best possible shape to learn and take in information when they start school!